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'How to run a Complimentary Client Review' 

TBC l Presenters: Mark Jenkins & Viv Brownrigg Complimentary Webinar l Suited to Partners, Business Managers.

In the coming weeks we'll be hosting our first Gap training session 'How to run a Complimentary Client Review'.

This 90 minute webinar is complimentary. Hosted by The Gap co-founders Mark Jenkins and Viv Brownrigg - this intensive session will drill down into the most fundemental foundation bridge - The CCR - focussing on how to utilise this powerful revenue generating tool and establish the foundations for successful Business Development division.

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RePublic Accountants are Registered Public Accountants.

  • 7 years+ training
  • Bound by a code of ethics
  • Mandatory professional training
  • Subject to regular peer reviews

They're committed to ongoing development

  • Leadership extension through networks such as this
  • Keeping up to date with technology
  • Not historians, they are financial coaches
  • Technology savvy